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라이스존 로고 서클 진한색.png

Ricezone Polished Rice Nurungji

- Four-Step Roasting Technique -

Domestic Rice + Clean Water 

Low-calorie Nurungji(parched rice) completed with

four-step roasting technique

Chugunban(炊乾飯) - Nurungji in Donguibogam is called Chugunban.

"Even if food does not fall well into the throat or it does not go down to the stomach, and the sickness that vomits is treated with Nurungji. Boil down the old nurungji with river water and drink it at any time."

대상 종가집 우리쌀 누룽지 봉지 컵.png

Four Step Roasting Technique !



Moisture Control





​Color and Flavor


Moisture Control

A technique for enriching the flavor and texture of Nurungji with

 four stages of thermal shock of cooked rice.

엄마사랑 보리누룽지.png

Ricezone Barley Nurungji

라이스존 로고 서클 진한색.png

- Four-Step Roasting Technique -

Domestic Rice + Barley + Clean Water 

Barley is the best natural tonic. It also helps boost your energy by improving peripheral nerve activities and improving your functions. Barley softens your stomach, loosens your viscera, and has diuretic effect. In other words, barley is a food that protects the body and strengthens the five viscera. In Pakistan, barley has long been used as a heart protector.

라이스존 로고 서클 진한색.png

BRAND - I Am  Nurungji!

라이스존 아이엠누룽지 대표이미지01.jpg

Ricezone Polished Rice Nurungji 1kg

라이스존 아이엠누룽지 720g re 1000 1000.jpg

Ricezone Polished Rice Nurungji 600g

[60g x 12ea]

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